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3. to be inadequate or not sufficient. His courage failed (him). in die steek laat يَضعُف، يَهِن не достигам faltar nedostávat se verlassen svigte εξαντλούμαι, είμαι ανεπαρκής fallar, faltar puudu jääma کافی نبودن loppua kesken manquer לְהַכזִיב समाप्त हो जाना, खत्म हो जाना ponestati, iznevjeriti hiányzik tidak cukup bregðast venire meno ~の役に立たない 부족하다 pritrūkti, neužtekti trūkt; nepietikt tidak cukup ontoereikend zijn svikte, svinnezabraknąć نيمګړى، غير كافى faltar a părăsi не хватать nemať pustiti na cedilu izdati tryta, svika ไม่เพียงพอ yetmemek 不足 не вистачати, бракувати ناکافی ہونا không đủ 不足

.. tanpa bij gebrek aan i mangel av jeśli zabraknie نشتوالی à falta de în lipsa за неимением bez brez bez i brist på ขาด olmazsa, olmaması hâlinde 如果沒有... за відсутністю کسی چیز کی غیر موجودگی میں nếu (cái gì) không xảy ra 如果没有...

the scientific review of the structure and development of language normally or of certain languages

Failing to deliver securities, especially in a short sale, could develop a situation where by the acquire holds securities that don't truly exist. Even more, it could create a chain reaction. In the economic crisis of 2008, failures to deliver amplified.

Brain Lowry of Selection claimed Earth's Funniest Fails "tries to concoct a sport ingredient throughout the clips that never ever truly is smart", but "If your objective was to establish a sequence that exhibits even a shred of originality website or ingenuity, as 'Fails of your Week' go, hey, it appears like we already have a winner!"[three] Episodes[edit]

lose keep track of - fail to maintain educated or informed; "She has a lot of books, she just lost monitor and cannot obtain this volume"

Kris Jenner seemed to sleek out her confront with some Picture enhancing application Within this Picture of her with Gordon Ramsay. Even so, in a not-so-wonderful contact, she didn’t give Gordon the identical courtesy.

While this could just be the case of a filter gone terrible, Christina Aguilera’s face In this particular selfie with Kim Kardashian is so distorted she’s virtually unrecognizable.

strike out - place out or be set out by a strikeout; "Oral struck out 3 batters to shut the inning"

The Vento range, consisting of a 2mm or 2.7mm padded SoloCush alternative, is designed to be lightweight and provide excellent bicycle Manage with its tacky texture. The Tempo assortment gives “overall performance, sturdiness and versatility”, and contains Fizik’s Earlier well known Microtex “Typical” and “Comfortable Contact” tapes.

From Cambridge English Corpus As regards maize crop output, however, liberalisation has failed to unravel the challenges of high Price and patchy services shipping.

make it, go - go successfully by way of a test or a selection system; "She passed the new Jersey Bar Test and might apply law now"

If you would like incorporate the failed install tries about the computers that I've tried it on - that drops to twenty% - so in the event you think that can be a high common then can I've what you're smoking may be the time period most use! Damn lies and Figures!

twelve. Clip: We are Going Old skool We've got lots of funny videos through the farm for you personally. Sit back and revel in some pig fails, a handful of horse fails and even more!!

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